Dealing with a Devastating Loss in Poker

image00When playing poker, you can win big or you can also go home with nothing. There are times when it could be a painful loss. This is when you have decided to go all in and you ended up losing. Since there is money involved, you could lose a huge amount of money. Once you have suffered from this kind of loss, what should you do?

Don’t take it seriously

Poker is a game of luck. It is not like some serious sports that you could prepare for. No amount of physical or mental exercise can assure victory. Yes, you can practice intimidating your opponents or you can learn better how to read their behaviour. However, it won’t guarantee that you will win over them. After all, they can get really lucky with their cards and your strategies won’t work against them. Therefore, you need to take each game lightly. Whether it is a win or a loss, don’t let it define you. When you win, don’t allow it to get into your brain. When you lose, don’t let it make you suffer in pain for days. You just have to move forward and think of each game as nothing but a game.

Think of money as something fluid

There are instances when you might lose a lot of money. This is devastating. You have worked hard for that money and it is now gone. You also have to understand though that money is fluid. You may lose it now, but you can easily gain it back in the future. You can work hard again to gain it back. You won’t constantly be a loser. You can take on another job or start a business, and in no time you will recover the amount you have lost.

Stop playing for a while

If the defeat really devastated you, then it is important to pause for a while. Don’t play when you think you are not yet mentally and emotionally stable. You will just keep on losing if you do so. You have to go back to playing when you are ready to face new challenges. Your opponents will also take advantage of your frailty. There is a huge chance that when you have just lost, your mind is all about winning. You forget all strategies you have in mind in order to win because you are so caught up with the idea of getting everything back.

These tips are applicable for both regular poker and Online Poker. It is important to follow them before playing again. Otherwise, it might be difficult for you to move forward and enjoy future poker games.

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