Lately, anti cheats have taken a huge step into eradicating cheating in public servers by using player statistic analysis which not only checks your stats but also does hundreds of server side checks in every game you play to determine if you are using a hack. On top of that, there are also community driven concepts that allow other players to spot and report hackers that then end up getting suspended. Our CSGO Hacks, here at Catalyst-Hax are built with the mindset of getting around all those new countermeasures, we currently hold and have held for the past decade the standard for the lowest anti cheat detection rates. Although, having the best protection against anti cheats wouldn’t matter if we didn’t have a killer CS:GO hacks to come with it. Our CS:GO hacks set the benchmark of what a hack should be, including over 40 amazing features to choose from! Our Aimbot system is made in a way to be invisible to the human eye so you can get easily beat other players while leaving them clueless that you are actually using a hack, not only that but there’s many options to make the aimbot behave the way you want it to so it can suit your playing style. An aimbot is good, but knowing where the enemy is is also essential, so we provide you with the best and cleanest esp you can get your hands on, many believe that having a ton of things drawn on a player is the best, but all that does is fill up your screen with useless info you don’t need. Our ESP is made to be easily readable and give you all the essential information about the player, without filling up your field of view.


Unturned has developed a strong community in the past couple of years. A game with a good community is much more enjoyable. A good community allows veterans to teach newcomers. It makes it easy to find people to quest with. It also makes PVP a very competitive experience.

So why does Unturned have such a great community while other games struggle with this aspect?

The main reason is simple – Unturned is largely a cooperative experience. It’s possible to go out alone, but the game really shines when you interact with others. Destroying waves of zombies together really helps gamers bond. Many are turning to the aid of unturned hacks to help survive the seemingly endless nights.

Another reason why the community is strong is longevity. Many players have played for hundreds of hours and still aren’t bored. If a game is only interesting for 10 hours, players will quickly move on, and won’t be very interested in getting immersed in the world, but when players invest significant time to the game, they naturally want to learn as much as possible, make friends, and help or compete with others in the game.

Yet another reason for Unturned’s strong community is the regular updates that the developer makes. Players are always eager to discuss the new features, and the new content increases the amount of hours that players dedicate to the game.

If you’ve never experienced a game with a great community, we recommend giving Unturned a try. In the same vein, if you enjoy games with a thriving community, you should check Unturned out. The game is free, fun, hilarious, and has a great community. What more could you ask for?


Rust is a game of survival. Building on the themes of gathering and building presented in such games as Minecraft, and doomsday mod game DayZ, players have to find useful items and implement survival tactics to make it in the world’s harsh environment. This PC only, multiplayer, first person game created by Facepunch Studios claims the games only aim is to survive. Players must do so by any means necessary and that includes chopping down trees to get wood, making weapons, hunting animals for food, and making a fire to cook. Players have to be resourceful just like they would if this was a real life situation. But that’s not all players have to do. They also have to evade other players who are trying to survive as they are any might not have been as lucky. Other players may try to fight you or kill you for your stuff. Or players can partner up and work together. The choice is yours. Many rust hacks are becoming very popular and give players an edge trying to survive. The real-time multiplayer action in Rust makes all possibilities available.

Popular doesn’t even come close to describing it. Rust sold over 150,000 copies in the first 2 week it was released, and its only in alpha!

Facepunch Studios prides itself on how realistic Rust is. The animals won’t just roll over – they will try to survive too. They will chase and even kill you if you are not careful. You must eat, or you’ll die. You must find shelter, or you’ll die. Falling could kill you, radiation could too. Add other players to the mix and you could be talking about complete mayhem. And you’ll love every second of it.


South Park: The Stick of Truth brings the best elements of the TV show to gaming… with a decidedly raw twist. The show already pushes limits, but this game – claiming to be “the definitive South Park game” pushed them over the cliff and into the burning abyss. The crew is separated into Elves, Goths, and Girls, but they unite to fight an alien invasion. Stan tries to mobilize the group, but the pairing is precarious at best, which makes for the most hilarious lines in a video game ever.

All the regulars are there, adding to the fun. Cartman is still claiming ”authoritah” over everything. Kenny, Kyle, Butters, Jimmy, Tweek, Ike, Mr. Hanky, Mr. Mackey (umm ‘kay?), and Mr. Kim are joined by a plethora of other characters with the over the top personalities that South Park is know for. There are also:

• Zombie cows
• Goth Kids
• Underpants Gnomes
• Alien Probes
• And even a zombified Chef

Oh, yeah, and there are aliens. Lots of them.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of the TV show South Park, have put together an engaging role-playing video game for PS3, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows. Players join the game as The New Kid and enter the fray for the control of the all important Stick of Truth, which is a twig that supposedly has limitless powers). As the game play continues, camps are opened to further the story.

If you love the show, South Park: The Stick of Truth will be a welcomed addition to your games. If you are new to South Park, hold on to your seat!


Titanfall, a FPS sci-fi game developed by Respawn Entertainment, published by EA and released around the 14th March, is a game that can best be described as Halo fused with Call of Duty and topped off with some giant ass mechs. Sure to deliver hours of non-stop entertainment to gamers everywhere, along with the new titanfall hacks that can be found at various sources, this game is a sure buy for any type of gamer. This combination is as awesome as it sounds and despite being extremely hyped up before it’s release, this game pretty much lives up to the hype as it just does so much right. So, why is everyone so impressed by this game, what is it even about and what are its flaws? Let’s get to reviewing!

Before you’re thrown into the action you’re given a brief glimpse of the backstory to the game. It’s sometime in the future when humanity has managed to colonise a distant set of dead planets using advanced technology. This in turn gives rise to a war between two main sides on the established colonies, the IMC and the Militia, who constantly battle each other for areas of land, fuel tanks, weapons and other various things. To be honest I can’t really explain the story much more then this as it tends to be lost in the action that goes on through-out the game and trust me when I say there is a LOT of action that goes on throughout the game. If anything, these two sides are there to give reason for there being two teams of players vsing each other and to make the campaign a little more interesting, more on that later.